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Sectyr® welcomes LicenseTrak™ to the SectyrHub® platform

Expanding the footprint in continuous compliance

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LicenseTrak LMS - Compliance Course CatalogAnnouncing OneSolution Get the benefits of integrated tracking and learning management systems provided by LicenseTrak and CEimpact
LicenseTrak AutoVerAnnouncing LicenseTrak AutoVerGet monthly and on-demand Primary Source Verifications for licenses and OIG exclusions automatically
Never miss a renewal again!Remove real risk with real-time notificationsLet LicenseTrak notify you of upcoming license renewals for your locations, employees and more.
Stop searching for licenses in multiple places!Track all licenses for all locations and all staff in one placeLet LicenseTrak notify you of upcoming license renewals and other due dates for your locations and employees.


Transparency. Urgency. Compliance.

LicenseTrak™ compliance software brings together all of the tools you need to record, track and manage critical compliance items for your facilities and staff. Our various compliance software solutions allow you to reduce your risk of fines or operational losses for your business.

Compliance Task Management System Dashboard

With LicenseTrak CTM, you can track and document licenses, registrations, certifications, contracts, training programs, and other key compliance items. Get proactive notices before items are due to expire or need other actions, reducing risk from missed tasks. Store supporting documentation with each task.

  • Comprehensive Task List
  • Central Document Storage
  • Proactive Notifications
  • LicenseTrak AutoVer: Automated OIG and Primary Source Verifications

Our accreditation management software helps ensure that all of your program requirements are met and documented. LicenseTrak AMS provides a customized task list and calendar to quickly show items that need completion on a daily, weekly, monthly, or annual basis. New tasks can be added quickly and are immediately available. Filter tasks by location, assigned user, standard, and completion status.

  • Customizable Task List
  • Calendar of To-dos
  • Central Recording and Document Storage

Record, resolve, and manage errors, complaints, compliments, data breaches, and other risk incidents using a simple five-step process. Standardized data elements ensure accuracy and completeness. Incident categories and reasons are entirely customizable to fit any business. Powerful reporting options are also included to help review and close tickets.

  • Standardized Categories and Reasons
  • Simple but Complete Process Flow
  • Multiple Reporting Options
Build Best Practices into Your Operations

With LicenseTrak compliance monitoring software, you receive a web-based tracking system accessible from any device. You can depend on a cloud-based platform that includes redundancy, backup, and safe data storage. Installation of our compliance management software is fast with the platform capable of handling unlimited staff, facilities, documents, and tasks.

Call us today at (480) 500-6236 to learn more about how our LicenseTrak compliance management software system can benefit your business.


Facilities, Staff, Tasks, Documents


Secure data storage with redundancy and back-ups


Accessible from any Internet-connected device


Quick Installation, minimal set-up time