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Accreditation Management System (AMS)

It is beneficial to use an accreditation management software solution that is configurable to match your specific certification and accreditation workflow. You need a accreditation system that is easy-to-use and effective. That is what our LicenseTrak Accreditation Management System provides.

With our LicenseTrak accreditation tracking and management software system, you can ensure the fulfillment and recording of your accreditation requirements. The software includes a calendar and task list that quickly displays items to be completed each day, each week, each month, or each year. You can customize your list of tasks according to your requirements.

LicenseTrak Accreditation Management System

Features of Our Accreditation Tracking Software

Some of the key capabilities and features of our AMS software include:

  • Fast and easy data entry
  • Template task list supporting prominent accreditation programs
  • Ability to create custom tasks to complement your business
  • Calendar view displaying daily tasks
  • Document storage supporting all standard file types

Easily handle notifications, emails, and more with a single, simple accreditation management system.

As an accredited organization, it is essential to have your staff and vendors support your high business standards. An accreditation program that is user-friendly can help you reach your goal to educate and advance these industry standards.

The accreditation management functionality of our compliance tracking software system promotes operational excellence and efficiency, and helps ensure a thorough compliance program in a timely manner. By using our specialty accreditation software you can increase the prestige of your organization as an industry leader.

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