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Pharmacy Compliance Software

Our LicenseTrak® pharmacy accreditation and compliance software platform works for sterile and non-sterile compounding pharmacies, enabling you to document your compliance activity for adherence to USP 797 and USP 800 requirements.

LicenseTrak Pharmacy Compliance Software Features

Our software package includes tracking and scheduling tools to achieve compliance, in addition to resources for continuing training and competencies, documentation requirements, and customary operating procedures that are vital to ongoing safe pharmacy production and servicing procedures.

Track and Document Compliance

Our LicenseTrak compliance software gives your pharmacy business a path to follow for maintaining compliance and employing quality assurance practices. The software documents and efficiently tracks your compliance processes and activities. This enables the review of past compliance actions in addition to a current, real-time view of compliance status.

Efficient Compliance Program Management

The structure of our pharmacy licensing monitoring and compliance software allows for easy task management and organization for managers, employees, and owners.

Noncompliance Notifications

Our specialty pharmacy accreditation and compliance software sends out an email notification immediately if it identifies an overdue or noncompliant task.

Patient Safety Focus

With many drug contamination incidents occurring in the recent past, it is incumbent upon pharmacy institutions more than ever to employ the highest operational standards in order to promote patient safety in addition to the safe handling, production, and distribution of pharmaceuticals.

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For more information about our LicenseTrak pharmacy compliance and specialty pharmacy accreditation software solutions, give our team a call today at (480) 500-6236 option 2 or send us a message through our contact form.