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Compliance Task Management

With our compliance management, tracking, and reporting software, you can track licenses, registrations, certifications, contracts, training programs and other vital compliance elements. This compliance task management software enables you to receive proactive notices before the due date or expiration date of items or before those items require other actions.

It is more important than ever before that your organization complies with legal and regulatory reporting requirements. A lack of transparency and accountability can lead to heavy fines and other penalties which can do significant and costly damage to your brand.

Compliance Task Management System Dashboard

Features of Our Compliance Task Management Software

Some of the key features and capabilities of our CTM software include:

  • Unlimited individuals, facilities, and tasks
  • Track tasks for individuals and facilities
    • Certifications
    • Registrations
    • Licenses
    • Training programs
    • Contracts
    • Other items pertaining to your business
  • Automated OIG and Primary Source Verifications with LicenseTrak AutoVer
  • Store related documents (supporting all common file types)
  • Get proactive email notices of tasks that are due soon or past due
  • Secure storage plus data backups
  • Cloud-based and web-based
  • Quick implementation with no installation on your systems

Within our license tracking software, the compliance data entered can be seen viewed within a real-time dashboard that displays compliance performance metrics with a quick look. With just one click of a button, compliance reports are produced.

Our compliance tracking and reporting software gives you the ability to schedule compliance actions and allot subsequent follow-up preventative and corrective tasks to employees. Preset and increasing reminders and notifications issued by LicenseTrak promotes accountability and the completion of compliance tasks.

Track and record compliance items, send automated notices to participants, and assign and track follow up task completion.

Our license and employee certification tracking software allows you to schedule, report, and track licensing, training, and qualifications for employees, workgroups or contractors.

With our compliance software, store your entire collection of documents in a centralized, secure location, track versions and revisions, ensure the use of only up-to-date and accurate documents, and control user access.

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