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LicenseTrak Incident Tracking Module


Businesses and organizations in many industries, including pharmacy, have to deal with complaints of various kinds on a routine basis. Today, these complaints may reach beyond your staff to government regulators. A failure to manage or respond to complaints efficiently, properly, and timely, or receiving too large a volume of complaints can result in audits, fines, and loss of reputation.

Also, as health care providers pharmacies must record and resolve dispensing, privacy, and other errors within a quality management program. These errors include near-misses, no-harm, and harm-causing incidents.

LicenseTrak’s Incident Tracking Module can help you effectively track errors, complaints, and privacy violations and obtain important insights into your business processes, including gaps in employee training, regulatory problems, or customer service issues.


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LicenseTrak Incident Tracking Module

The LicenseTrak Incident Tracking module helps you record, manage, and track a wide array of incidents inside your quality management system, such as customer comments, provider and patient complaints, HIPPA violations, dispensing errors, and more.

Maintaining consistent records across an organization is essential because consumer and provider complaints can come in through various channels (email, telephone, in-person, direct mail, and social media) and from different sources (patients, caregivers, providers, service personnel, and call centers). A central database as opposed to files and spreadsheets is needed in order to maintain records in accordance with regulatory requirements. In this manner, complaints can be managed and investigated properly.

With LicenseTrak Incident Tracking Module you can save time, protect your reputation, centralize management activities, increase visibility, gain insight for business improvements, and assess complaint trends.

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