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How does LicenseTrak work?

LicenseTrak was built to help business of all types record and track licenses, contracts, training programs and other key business-related tasks. To start using LicenseTrak:
1. Purchase the package size that works for your organization, based on the number of individuals you want to include.
2. Set up your account and Company information.
3. Reply to the confirmation email that LicenseTrak sends (to confirm your email address).
4. Add your Locations and Individuals, including their license, contract, training and other To-Trak information.
Once the To-Trak items are entered, LicenseTrak will begin to send notifications when items are coming due for actions.

How do members of my company know to enter their information into LicenseTrak?

Each individual you add and invite to your LicenseTrak account will receive an invitation email. Once they confirm their email address, they can begin entering their personal licenses, certifications and other key To-Trak items. LicenseTrak will notify Individuals when actions are required and prompt them to update their information. The Company administrator assigned to your LicenseTrak account will also get these notifications, allowing them to follow up with Individuals as needed.

Can I check the status of different licenses?

Yes. LicenseTrak has a Dashboard that will show all To-Trak items coming due within the next 30 days or that have gone past their action date. LicenseTrak also has pre-built reports you can use to get lists of Location or Individual information.

Can I add Locations after I set-up my account?

Absolutely! Adding Locations is as easy as going to the Locations tab and clicking a button. You can add as many Locations as you need.

What if I have any issues with my account?

You can contact our customer service team by phone at 480.500.6236 or via email at support@sectyr.zendesk.com.