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3 Ways Employee Certification Tracking Software Can Help Streamline Operations

Effectively managing employees’ certifications and licenses can be challenging for businesses and agencies regardless of their size. Attempting to handle this task manually can be too much for the majority of these entities, whether due to size of the organization or a lack of personnel to handle the volume of paper processing involved. Automated certification software is obviously beneficial for large agencies do to the warning and tracking features they possess. Smaller agencies can also benefit from other tools such as reporting that enabled the generation of views that show the employees that have particular certifications at a particular point in time. Our LicenseTrak employee certification tracking software can help you effectively streamline your operations.

Warnings for Expired Certifications

A proactive approach is often best when it comes to staying up-to-date with certifications in various industries. If an employee has an expired certification, credential, or license, the agencies for which the employee works may be charged with costly penalties and fines. These agencies bear liability for having individuals employed in working with expired documents such as these. Therefore, it is exceptionally important to have all certifications and licenses of employees kept current at all times. Our employee certification tracking software helps you schedule automated warnings weeks or months in advance that notify of a soon-to-lapse license or certification of an employee. This enables plenty of time to get the certification or license renewed.

Reporting Feature

Reports are commonly used by management teams as part of license and certification tracking. These reports are delivered to managers, allowing them to obtain a daily review of all soon-to-expire or expired licenses and certifications within the organization. Various types of reports may be produced based on internal company data on employees’ licenses and certifications.

Certifications Done In-House

Employee certifications may be performed in-house without the requirement for expensive, outside third-party consultations, provided you understand your objectives for your population of target employees. With a dependable employee certification tracking program, you can help ensure your employees are highly motivated, capable, and the right individuals to accomplish the work at hand.

For information about how our LicenseTrak employee certification tracking software can help you effectively and efficiently stay up-to-date with the licenses and certifications of your employees, call us today at 480.500.6236 or use our contact form.