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Keeping Your Pharmacy Compliant With a Pharmacy License Monitoring System

Pharmacies are subject to a multitude of license requirements, including facility licenses, business registrations, staff licenses, and other regulatory certifications. Maintaining these, especially when doing business in multiple states, can be time-consuming and create significant risk if items are missed or delayed. Using a monitoring system can provide consistent management of these items and peace of mind that you are always in compliance.

LicenseTrak, a web-based compliance management system, is designed to help pharmacies and other health care entities achieve and maintain compliance with mission critical regulatory requirements. It also supports completion and documentation of major accreditation program requirements. LicenseTrak provides streamlined processes so you can stay in front of your pharmacy accreditation requirements, federal and state law requirements, and CMS directives. Our software works for all types of pharmacies: specialty, infusion, compounding, retail, mail order, and others. Sterile and nonsterile compounding pharmacies can use LicenseTrak to maintain documentation of compliance activities related to both USP 797 and USP 800.

LicenseTrak includes scheduling and tracking tools to help you record, track, and document regulatory and accreditation tasks. It also includes functionality to track and record ongoing training, standard operating procedures, and documentation requirements that are necessary to ensure safe procedures for pharmacy production and services.

Some of the benefits available through our compliance and accreditation management system include:

Comprehensive Compliance

Our pharmacy compliance system allows you to record and document primary source license verification, training program completion, and accreditation requirements. Easy task management and more efficient organization for owners, managers, and employees are possible through the structure of LicenseTrak’s pharmacy compliance and monitoring software.

Easier Monitoring

Achieve seamless monitoring of required licenses, certifications, and other actions through the state-of-the-art monitoring capabilities within our pharmacy compliance software package.

Patient Safety Focus

There have been a number of drug contamination incidents taking place in the recent past. For this reason, it is vital for pharmacy organizations more than ever to operate in line with the highest standards in order to secure the safety of patients in addition to the safe production, handling, and delivery of pharmaceutical products. LicenseTrak helps you by providing a simple system to record and document your compliance with USP and other accreditation and certification standards.

To find out how our LicenseTrak pharmacy compliance software can help you achieve successful pharmacy license monitoring and compliance, call our team today at (480) 500-6236 or schedule a demo here.